This is one of the only days in a man's life that truly demand professional grooming. After all, the groom is an integral part of photographs, videos and memories that will last a lifetime. No one, particularly the bride-to-be, wants to see her betrothed looking anything less than dashing.

At Palazzo, we offer a full repertoire of gentlemen's grooming services, including hair-cut and style, skin care, manicures, pedicures, and relaxing massages to ensure complete peace-of-mind for that walk down the aisle. Have your fiancé schedule an appointment, or better yet, schedule one for him yourself.

Suggested Services Just For Him

 …because he deserves a little pampering too!


The Day Before

Prices From

Haircut $23-35
Scalp Massage with aromatherapy $8
Whiskey Sour Manicure $27-34
Whiskey on the Rocks Pedicure $53-65
Swedish Massage (1 hour) $63-75
Hot Stone Massage (1 hour) $80-93
Grooming Fusion Facial  $66-78


We have multi-level pricing according to achievement levels & years of experience.  Amounts listed for services are the starting price and are subject to change.


Perfect Gift Idea Just For Him

Please have a look at the "TUNE UPand OVERHAULpackages just for him!